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  1. The 2020 issue of Clach an Airm, the journal of the Clan MacGillivray Society USA, is in the works, but we are already looking forward to 2021. I am toying with the idea of featuring Kendra MacGillivray as one of our lead articles, but I am hesitant because I fear that some of our northern neighbors might view this as poaching on their domain. Would you please give me your frank assessment of whether to proceed with this project or look elsewhere. Either way, I will follow your guidance.

    Tom Cox, editor


    • Hi Tom

      We would be very pleased to reading an article on Kendra MacGillivray in the Clach an Airm.

      No concerns from your northern neighbors.

      We have been scanning the past issues of the magazine and placing them on our web site,

      Hope you are staying safe.

      Take Care and God Bless

      Chair – Clan MacGillivray Association of Canada


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