Clan Commander

Our Clan Commander is Iain MacGillivray.

Iain Thornber shared the following photos of the Clan Commander:

Iain 1

Iain 2

Iain 3



There is no “job description” for a Clan Commander.   Traditionally, a hereditary Chief would appoint a Commander to lead the Clan in times of war where the Chief was unable to do so because of health, age etc.   Nowadays, a Clan Commander is someone who provides leadership for a Clan where there is not a hereditary Chief.   The procedure for appointing a Commander to a Clan is for a Petition to be submitted to the Lord Lyon King of Arms requesting that he authorise the convening of a Family Convention at which will be considered the nominees for the position.   In authorising that, he will appoint a Reporting Officer to oversee the process and to report formally to the Lord Lyon on the person who the Convention consider should take up the position.

It is preferable that someone seeking nomination as a Commander should live fairly locally to the Clan lands so that he or she can be on hand if there are members of the Clan visiting the area and need information, guidance etc on what is of interest locally regarding that Clan.     The Commander should be well versed in the history of the Clan, knowledgeable of the places and buildings associated with it and have the time, energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to attend Highland Games etc to promote the Clan at these and other public events, to be an ambassador for the Clan, to help secure its future.

A Commander would be expected to work closely with the Clan Associations wherever they be based, to be closely involved in the organisation of Clan Gatherings and generally to do whatever is in the interests of the Clan in leading it, in guiding it and in raising its profile in a positive way.   A Commander should be articulate, amiable, amicable, approachable but also capable of providing strong leadership and guidance to the Clan members as and when required.